Re: Documentation to gtkhtml2!

Here's a bit from my latest project, a cross-platform eBay auction manager. It seems to work pretty well on Linux, and I'm trying to get libgtkhtml to compile on Win32 so I can test it there as well. If you have any questions, let me know.


Sergey V. Beloshitsky wrote:

Hi Todd (sorry if there is mistake in your name)

You wrote that headers helped you, but i think i am not so mature in gtk
programming to understand all of it,  so it will be REALLY good if you
would like to give some of your source code( maybe simple examples ). Adn
enother question: Can i use it without ATK library, i mean using only

Thanks for help!

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#include <libgtkhtml/gtkhtml.h>

/* clipped from my threaded network code, called by http_get_image */
if ((id = g_async_queue_try_pop (jc->jn->image_queue)))
                if (id->image->data)
                        html_stream_write (id->stream, id->image->data, id->image->len);
                g_free (id->image->data);
                g_free (id->url);
                g_free (id);
/* end clip */

url_requested (HtmlDocument *doc, const gchar *uri, HtmlStream *stream, gpointer data)
        JadeClient *jc = (JadeClient *) data;
        http_get_image (jc, uri, stream);

dialog_build_preview (JadeClient *jc, JadeItem *ji, const gchar *html)
        GtkWidget *view;
        GtkWidget *scrolled_window;
        HtmlDocument *doc;
        static GtkWidget *dialog = NULL;

        if (dialog)
                gtk_window_present (GTK_WINDOW (dialog));


        dialog = gtk_dialog_new_with_buttons (
                        "Jade - Preview Item",
                        GTK_WINDOW (util_window_get (jc)),
                        GTK_STOCK_CLOSE, GTK_RESPONSE_REJECT,

        gtk_widget_set_size_request (dialog, 620, 440);

        doc = html_document_new ();

        g_signal_connect (G_OBJECT (doc), "request_url",
                        G_CALLBACK (url_requested), jc);

        html_document_open_stream (doc, "text/html");
        html_document_write_stream (doc, html, strlen (html));
        html_document_close_stream (doc);

        view = html_view_new ();
        html_view_set_document (HTML_VIEW (view), doc);
        html_view_set_magnification (HTML_VIEW (view), 1.0);
        scrolled_window = gtk_scrolled_window_new (NULL, NULL);
        gtk_scrolled_window_set_policy (GTK_SCROLLED_WINDOW (scrolled_window), GTK_POLICY_AUTOMATIC, 
        gtk_container_add (GTK_CONTAINER (scrolled_window), view);

        gtk_box_pack_start (GTK_BOX (GTK_DIALOG (dialog)->vbox), scrolled_window, TRUE, TRUE, 3);

        g_signal_connect (G_OBJECT (dialog), "response",
                        G_CALLBACK (preview_item_response), jc);
        g_signal_connect (G_OBJECT (dialog), "destroy",
                        G_CALLBACK (gtk_widget_destroyed), &dialog);

        gtk_widget_show_all (dialog);


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