Re: memory leak in GtkListStore?

yes, I allready done this but valgrind reports some leaks in the gtk
libraries not in my code.

 I thaught I fill in the wrong way the list store, thats way I ask here
about it.

Thijs Assies wrote:

> Razvan wrote:
>> I fill a GtkListStore with 300000 rows and then clear the list store,
>> and this for many times, to check if I forget some pointers in memory.
>> And 'top' show me that some allocated momory remain nealocated,
>> because memory alocated for my program grows.
>> GtkTreeIter is allocatred on the stack and is don't need to be free()d.
>> Perhaps is something I miss, I don't know...
>> Same thing happens if I fill a GtkTextBuffer with 10000 lines, then
>> delete them, then fill again and so on...
>> If anyone have some ideas I will apreciate
>> Thanks
>> this is the code
>> #include <glib.h>
>> #include <gtk/gtk.h>
>> #include <string.h>
>> #include <stdio.h>
>> #include <stdlib.h>
>> GtkListStore *store;
>> int main(int argc, char **argv){
>>     gtk_init(&argc,&argv);
>> store=gtk_list_store_new(3,G_TYPE_STRING,G_TYPE_STRING,G_TYPE_STRING );
>>         GtkTreeIter iter;
>>         int j;
>>     for(j=0;j<100;j++){
>>         printf("begin fill liststore\n");
>>         int i;
>>         for(i=0;i<300000;i++){
>>             gtk_list_store_append(store,&iter);
>>             gtk_list_store_set(store,&iter,0,"some string",1,"other
>> string",2,"yet another",-1);
>>         }
>>                // golire
>>         printf("delete lines\n");
>>         gtk_list_store_clear(store);
>>         printf("lines deleted\n");
>>     }
>>     return 1;
>> }
> you should download valgrind. en start your program using:  valgrind
> --leak-check=yes ./program        make sure you compiled your program
> with -g3   and when the program exits, valgrind tells you where there
> is a memory leak, wich file, wich line.

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