Re: Arrow down in Menu

Boris_Shingarov OTI COM writes:
(This is in GTK 2.0.0).

Sometimes, I see an arrow down in my application's menus.  I mean, I pull 
down a menu in my app, and instead of the last item, I see an arrow-down. 
When I pre-select the item, it shows the item text.

Anybody knows anything about this?  Is it on purpose?  What is the story 
behind it?  Which code in GTK is doing it?

It's a bug, it's already in bugzilla (I don't know the number
offhand). I don't think anyone has investigated yet, but 
I recently had a theory that it's caused by GtkAccelLabel changing its
size request in an idle function. Could be a totally bogus theory.

The arrow is normally visible when the menu is really large and needs
to be scrolled.


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