Re: Programmer's criticism of GTK2

Maxim Koshelev <max krascoal ru> writes:

Hi there,
I've decided to post this some critics after exploring various parts
of GTK2 library.
Unfortunately GTK2 is awfull in some points of view, and perfect in another.
Of course all of us live in real world and nothing can be perfectly
perfect :-)
1)Let's compare old GtkCList/CTree and new TreeModel
    -Using both of them we can't store a single pointer  the row and
use it for FAST access in future.
GtkCList model hides them(pointers) from us, TreeModel forbids to use
stored iterators after any
changes of the list/tree. I absolutely do not understand WHY! Both
(new and old) list/tree structures does
not reallocate data of the row till it will be removed and added

You can use GtkTreeIters from GtkListStore/GtkTreeStore until they're
deleted.  It's just GtkTreeModelSort iters that can't be kept after
signals changed.

    -Simplicity. Add a row to the GtkCList (with all data) and to the
list_store. Compare code length :-)

I'd like to think that GtkTreeView is much more flexible.  You can do a
lot more with it.  Part of the price of this flexibility is complexity.
I've contemplated making a CList-like list wrapper that people can use,
and am still undecided if it's a good idea or not.


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