Re: gtk_tree_store_remove and GtkTreeView::selection_changed signal?

Archit Baweja <bighead users sourceforge net> writes:


I was having a problem with the GtkTreeView widget (2.0).
When I want to remove a widget I do the following

      sel = gtk_tree_view_get_selection (GTK_TREE_VIEW (view));
      gtk_tree_selection_get_selected (sel, &model, &iter);
      gtk_tree_store_remove (GTK_TREE_STORE (model), &iter);

The bug is that when it crashes saying "VALID_ITER (iter)" failed.
When I tried debugging it in gdb, I found that  when the gtk_tree_store_remove
is called, it calls my GtkTreeViewSelection::changed signal. Is that supposed
 to happen?

Yes.  You just removed the selected row.  Thus the selection just


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