Re: cursor/arrow keys not working in gtkfb

On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, Brian J. Murrell wrote:

I am using gtk+1.3.13 (my vendor has not upgraded to 1.3.15 yet, they
are in "deep freeze" for the next product release).

Anyway, I have written a small app with a single clist in a window.  I
put items in the clist and I can browse the clist perfectly fine with
the cursor/arrow keys using up and down to move up and down the list.
I hit space to select the line in the clist I want.

This works perfectly fine with gtk+-x11-2.0, however if I relink
against the linux-fb version of the library, the arrow/cursor keys
don't work.  The space bar works fine still, but no arrows.

Here is a partial strace of a gtkfb app with my pressing UP, DOWN,
LEFT and RIGHT respectively:

Are you using RAW keyboard mode?

I'm not really doing any GtkFB work right now though, so you're sort of on 
your own. It is probably simple to fix though.

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