gtk 1.2.* on Mac OS X?

Hi there,

Is it possible to compile Glib/Gtk 1.2.* on Mac OS X?

I have a nice Powerbook laptop with Yellow Dog Linux,
but so far no luck trying to export the image to an
external projector. Therefore, although my GPL gtk-based
app runs great on this laptop, I cannot show it in 
comferences, teaching, etc...

A workaround would be to demonstrate it on Mac OS X.
OpenGL is there, Expat should be easy to compile
if it is not there, my doubts are only about Gdk/Gtk
and GtkGLArea (I would need GLX somehow).

Running Xfree86 over Darwin should not be a solution, 
I guess I would have exactly the same problem as in Linux.
What I wanted is to have X running inside MAc OS X,
to guarantee that the projector can handle the image. 

Best regards,

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