removing widgets from table

how can I remove widgets from a table? is there some counterpart
function to gtk_table_attach()?

also, for some reason, gtk_table_resize() seems to have no effect.  The
number for cols and rows seems to remain the same, no matter if I call 
gtk_table_resize() or not. 

here is what I am doing to add a widget:

gtk_table_resize(table, 2, num_cols);
gtk_table_attach_defaults(table, new_widget, num_cols, num_cols+1, 1, 2);

if I comment out the gtk_table_resize() line, the new widget still appears on
the table, and ncols is still increased (by two, actually, not one as I 
expected).  Why does gtk_table_resize have no effect?


-Ron Roth

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