Re: Toggle in tree view without changing selection

On Thu, 2002-01-31 at 13:22, Jonathan Blandford wrote:
"Jeffrey W. Baker" <jwbaker acm org> writes:

Howdy all, 

I am using the new GtkTreeView widget in my app, but I don't know quite
how to get the level of control I want.  I have multiple selection
enabled in the tree view, and one of my column renderers is a toggle. 
What I want is for the user to select multiple rows and be able to click
the toggles without changing the selection.  When the toggle is clicked,
every selected row should be toggled.

The mystery is what level do I need to hook to capture that click before
it changes the selection?  What signal on what widget needs to be

Ugh.  Your users will not thank you for this interface.  You can
actually do it currently by toggling all the rows you want, and then
Shit/Ctrl clicking the rows to select the correct ones.  However this is
a dreadful interface in general.  I think you may want to reconsider it.

I don't understand your objection.  In a list of 1000 items if the user
wants to toggle 100 of them how do you suggest he do it?  100 clicks?


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