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Download the example code that comes with the gtk tutorial. Them example for the menus has the pop up procedure in it. I did something like what you need, if you can't figure it out with the example let me know.

Havoc Pennington wrote:
<Ed Davison bus utexas edu> writes:
Seems like this has come up on the list before but I have not been
following the list very well lately and have not found a good tutorial
or source of info that is tutorial-like.

There is a tutorial on, though it's a bit outdated and doesn't
IIRC cover popup menus.

Am looking for this type of document on pop-up menus.  I have a clist
that I want to right-click on a row and get a list of menu options
(actions) for that row.

Any resources on this?

The description section of GtkMenu has a brief example:

If you want to file a bug report on suggesting a
more involved example, specifically an example involving GtkTreeView
and a question added to
pointing to the example, that would be great. I'll try to write
something up, I don't have time for the next few days though.

Another resource is to go to and search for an
identifier like gtk_menu_popup.

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