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magaljedi bol com br writes:

I'm a newbie to GTK and I was reading the tutorial on the 
official site. But I could not understand the difference between 
gtk_signal_connect() and gtk_signal_connect_object().
Does anyone have the patience to explain that to me???

connect_object swaps the user_data and the emitting_object arguments
to the callback, and also requires the data to be an object (for no
good reason).

With connect() your callback is:
  callback (GtkObject *emitting_object, /* possible other args here */,
            gpointer user_data);

with connect_object():

  callback (GtkObject *user_data, /* possible other args here */,
            GtkObject *emitting_object);

In GTK 2, g_signal_connect_swapped() replaces connect_object() 
and does not require the user data to be an object.


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