Re: Clist item max size

Hongl Lai <hongli telekabel nl> writes:
On Wed, 2002-01-16 at 17:00, zze-coframi balr001 wrote:

I would like to know which is the maximum number of item which can be stored
in a GtkList object

thanks a lot 


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Theoretically, probably somewhere around 2 billion ((32^2)/2) on an x86
I think that on 64-bit machine, it can store (64^2)/2 items.

Of course this also depends on how much RAM you have.

GtkList is limited by the size of an X window which is 32K pixels or
so. (signed 16-bit). The exact limit on number of rows depends on 
the size of your rows.

Which is why GtkList is deprecated, and in 1.2 you should use GtkCList
and in 2.0 GtkTreeView.


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