Re: Seg Fault on NULL strlen

Steve & Patti Getzinger wrote:

Patrice St-Gelais wrote:


Check if "entry2" is defined the first time "on_entry1_changed" is executed.

Maybe the callback is activated when you initialize the value of entry1,
before creating entry2, or something like this.

If it's the case, inserting a test to get out of the callback if entry2 is NULL, before casting it with GTK_EDITABLE, would solve the seg fault. If I
understand your code and your explanation, "entry1" shouldn't be NULL at
this point, and should be equal to "editable" because "on_entry1_changed" is
connected to "entry1".


Patrice St-Gelais

Steve & Patti Getzinger a écrit :

I am attempting to set sensitivity based on entries in 3 entry boxes. So basically the first is easy. I am hitting a func on changed of entry1 in
the func I am doing an

on_entry1_changed                (GtkEditable     *editable,
                                       gpointer         user_data)
 if(strlen(gtk_editable_get_chars(GTK_EDITABLE(entry1),0,-1)) > 7)

if(strlen(gtk_editable_get_chars(GTK_EDITABLE(entry2),0,-1)) > 0)
                       gtk_widget_set_sensitive (button1, TRUE);
               gtk_widget_set_sensitive (button1, FALSE);

With this config it seg faults with:

(gdiald:16598): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: invalid cast from (NULL)
pointer to `GtkEditable'

(gdiald:16598): Gtk-CRITICAL **: file gtkeditable.c: line 125
(gtk_editable_get_chars): assertion `GTK_IS_EDITABLE (editable)' failed
Segmentation fault

I am assuming strlen returns NULL if there has been no entry made in
entry2. How do I get around this one?


Signal connects all are listed at the end of window configs so entry2 is already created. Is there a way for me to tap the entries involved and do an if based on changed? I am not controlling the order entries are made so I need to be able to tap all 3 as all three need entries. This way if it has not been touched (changed) we exit the func with a false setting for sensitivity. If it has we check for size of entry and progress.



I recently added:

if(gtk_editable_get_chars(GTK_EDITABLE(entry2),0,1) !='\0')

which stops the seg fault but still get editable is not editable error. I have change on entry2 set to hit the changed func of entry1 so even if the error is thrown while entering in entry1 when I switch to entering in entry2 and entery is above NULL shouldn't it possibly recognize it? What do I need to look for that makes entry2 seen as editable? Why is NULL not a valid pointer? How do I get around this?


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