Re: foreach functions

On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 08:27:56AM -0800, Harring Figueiredo wrote:
    > I could not find a way to break out of the
    > gtk_tree_selection_selected_foreach function [...]
    > It turns out that I also implemnted some of my programs with
    > the "foreach" design pattern (i.e. callback), but I chenged
    > the signature of my callback function to return a boolean.
    > If the callback returns TRUE, it means the "foreach" should
    > continue, else, the foreach breaks out.

A nicer and  cleaner solution could be based  on the GIterator patch
to GLib:

This way you will be able to iterate through selected items by using
a  simple while()  loop,  and  get rid  of  the (orrible)  foreach()
callback pattern.

Furthermore, you  will ensure  binary compatibility with  other Gtk+
applications (since you won't modify any function signature).


alceste, who keeps promoting the GIterator adoption inside GLib :-)
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