I asked this once in a roundabout way but did not get any replies, so I'll try again :o)

I have a drawing area. Currently when the mouse button is pressed, my airbrush tool sprays onto the canvas. It then sprays whenever the mouse is moved and the mouse button is held down. It does not spray if the mouse is not moved (ala the scribble app in the GTK tutorial)

I want to change this behaviour so that the mouse does not have to be moved for the next spray to take place (ie. I could hold the mouse still and keep the mouse button pressed, and the airbrush would keep spraying).

How can I implement this? There are signals emitted when a mouse button is pressed initially, and when the mouse moves, but I cannot see any signals for when the mouse button is held down.

Can anyone help? Is there a particular event emitted by the drawing area that I can guarantee will take place each iteration of gtk_main()? Is there another approach I can take?


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