Re: focus change by key press

Don't quote me on this, but I think your key_press signal handler needs to
return FALSE, to indicate that no more processing needs to be done for the
key that was pressed. (This is assuming that the key_press that was just
captured was handled by your function).

Pavel Parizek said:
Hello everyone.

I'm writing gtk app and I have met little problem. I have some button and
gtkglarea in main app window. I have also defined signal handlers for key
press events and connected them to main app window. Whenever user press
some arrow key, signal handler is called and requested action is
performed. But the focus of button change as well - I mean that the focus
moves to another button in the row.
I have searched archive for some info on this problem but I wasn't
Thanks in advance for any help

Pavel P.

ICQ: 60382411

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