Re: Config file versus Database

i prefer the text files for config info. never can tell when you'll need to 
get to that info and change it. if your db server is hosed, then your config 
is hosed.
On Tuesday 06 August 2002 09:12 am, Jim Parker wrote:
G'Day !

Sorry for the off topic question.

I am building an application that is heavily dependent on an embedded SQL
database for normal operations.  I will not be porting the app to windows
platforms, but it will probably be released under the GPL, so that option
must be evaluated in the design phase.

Given that, would it be more desirable to use the database for startup
configuartion options, or go the traditional *NIX route and use a dot file.
 Please note we are _not_ talking about a Windows registry, just an
additional SQL table and queries.

Thanks for your comments.

Jim Parker

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