Re: What about theme engines for gtk2?

On Wed, 17 Apr 2002 13:06:49 +0400
Michael Ivanov <ivans isle spb ru> wrote:


Where I can find gtk-engines for gtk2? Do they exist at all?
I'm trying to get some themes working but most of them complain
theme engine being not found.

I've gotten the pixmap themes to work by grabbing the gtk-engines module from
Gnome CVS, and compiling the engine in the "pixbuf" directory (_not_ pixmap,
although the shared library is called pixmap).

I've seen it become available recently as a slackware package in the gnome
directory of slackware-current. Maybe other distro's also carry it.

I'm using the Mozilla Modern 2 theme with gtk2 now, although I've had to modify
it's RC file a little. The rc file for gtk2 is called '.gtkrc-2.0' instead of

Maybe the pixmap engine should be distributed with gtk2? Or at least as a
complimentary package from

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