Re: Select a directory

Hello Tara

 > As I recall, you select the directory item on the directory clist
 > by cliking only once, then click on the Ok button.
 > The file selector will report that directory (full path).

 there isn't a way to make the file selector show just the directories???

Hmmm, try this: look at the file selector's structure and see
if you can gtk_widget_hide() the file list. That's my best advice
but Im not sure what that would entail (might mess something else

Thank you, thats a way it goes.
But the file_list is added into a gtk_scrolled_window, and now
I can see this empty srolled_window. So I have to hide also this
My Question: Do you know how this gtk_scrolled_window is
                        called, or where I can find the name of it ???

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Oliver Bücker

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