Re: drawing image from a buffer using gdk_draw_image

On Fri, 14 Sep 2001 11:56:34 -0600, Patrick Sung said:

 I have been trying to draw an image (16-bit color) to a 16-bit color 
 system, using a call like this:
 GdkImage *img = gdk_image_new (GDK_IMAGE_FASTEST, gdk_visual_get_system 
 (), 640, 482);
 img->depth = 16;
 img->byte_order = GDK_MSB_FIRST;
 img->bpp = 2;
 img->bpl = 640*2;
 img->mem = buf;   /* buf is the pointer to the 16-bit colored data */
 gdk_draw_image (some_d_area, gc, img, 0, 0, 0, 0, 640, 482);
 however i got a black image.  The drawing area is created using 
 Do I have to do something extra before I call gdk_draw_image().  I tried 
 to look into gdkrgb and see how it calls gdk_draw_image for 24/32 bit 
 color image, but it is too complicate for me right now, and I don't have 
 a good understanding of gdk_visual and gdk_colormap yet.

If its all possible youmight want to look at using GTK+ RGB
buffers instead, they accomplish the same thing and are easier to
use and problem free.

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