signal 'move_cursor' is never emitted

Hello all:

I have been looking at the code of gtkeditable.c and gtktext.c
(gtk+-1.2.6) and I couldn't find any signal emision for 'move_cursor' on
the gtk_text widget.
Moreover, I have only found signal emisions for 'insert_text',
'changed', 'delete_text', 'cut_clipboard', 'copy_clipboard',
'paste_clipboard', 'set_editable' in gtkeditable.c and for 'activate',
'changed' and 'value_changed' in gtktest.c

So, I am wondering what is the use of connecting a callback to the
signal 'move_cursor' of a gtk_text widget if it never gets emitted. And
why does glade offers signals like 'kill_char', 'kill_line',
'kill_word', 'move_page', 'move_to_column', 'move_to_row' and
'move_word' if they get never called?

The code in gtk_editable.c call these signals 'binding actions'.

What are they for? How can I use it?

Thanks in advance
            Santiago Capel Torres
            Developer of bluefish:

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