Mouse Idle message

Is there a signal or something I can use to detect that the mouse has been idle for x seconds over a control? 
 I want to control some hints in a diffferent manner than the tooltips so I need to detect that the mouse 
stopped for 1 second and display a custom hint.


"J.Eusebio Roza" <eusebio roza uah es> 11/05/01 09:14AM >>>

I use gtk 1.3  in windows and my program begin with gtk_init() and
gtk_set_locale(); I have a gtk_text widget when i can write in spanish
characteres but i can not open an spanish file and show it (lines with
spanish characteres are not shown). I can not write a label in spanish
too, but i can write in a gtk_entry.
am i crazy?
when is my problem?

Thanks a lot...


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