Re: GTK+ GLArea widget and GIMP problems

learfox furry ao net writes:
I would suspect some kind of X server issue where the GL extension
prevents XGetImage() from working properly.

When you mean GL extension, are you reffering to an implmentation of
OpenGL that isn't part of the standard?

I mean the GL extension to X that adds GL support to X. (GLX, I think
it is.) Or maybe you are using software GL, in which case I'm not sure
how it works. Or maybe the X extension is DRI. Anyway, X servers have
some sort of special support for 3D acceleration.

Could it be possible if the visuals do not match, XGetImage() would have a
problem with that?

"man XGetImage()" goes into some detail here, though I'm not sure the
man page is totally accurate.


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