Re: Question about scrollbars

On Fri, Mar 02, 2001 at 10:18:09PM -0500, Havoc Pennington wrote:

"Sebastian Geerken" <S Geerken ping de> writes: 
Yes, this is what I currently do (I think a counter is a bit safer
that a flag), but I ask whether there is a simpler way, because the
blocking gets quite complicated, and, as I wrote, it is still buggy.
(I guess there are thousands of side effects?) So I thought of a way
to make it simpler than to workaround and search for bugs.

Unfortunately, there are no signals from GtkRange to Gtk[VH]Scrollbar
(not GtkAdjustment) for this.

I've solved this problem by connecting all relevant events to two
callbacks, which compare the value before and afterwards. Apologies
to all who find this ugly, you are totally right, and this is
probably not the final solution. But currently it works.

There's no good way, no. (Not even conceptually, because any such
mechanism would break the model-view-controller paradigm and result in
fairly unrobust code.)

Yes, this paradigm works fine, in most cases (and the scrollbars are
not the only source I have to check), but supposed that robust code
aims to result in working programs, my current implementation works
better than the old one (blocking by flags/counters). ;-)

However, I'll work on a cleaner solution (when I have the time for


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