Re: Drawing selection rectangles -- rubber-banding

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Eduardo M Kalinowski wrote:

    In a project I'm working in, I will need to draw rectangles to
select a region. I've tried implementing this in the "scribble" program
of the GTK+ tutorial.
I tried to implement such a thing in my GtkImReg widget which I
needed for my (special purpose) image viewer paul.  It is far from
bug free but it works and could serve as an example.  For sure you
will find a rubber box implemented in the Gimp sources but my
rubberbox has some more features I needed.

In my opinion a GtkRubberBox widget would be a very fine thing.

Comments and improvements are welcome!


 GtkImReg (Source and Debian-Packages):

    There is a small example included.

 Real use of the widget makes Paul:

Kind regards


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