color selection dialog problem

I'm suddenly getting a crash when I try to open a color selection
dialog for the first time (in code that used to work).  I get this
error message (and no core file):

Gdk-ERROR **: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
  serial 12904 error_code 8 request_code 67 minor_code 0

According to an earlier posting to this mailing list,

 CreateWindow gives a BadMatch error if the visual type and depth are
 not supported, or not the same as the parent (in some cases), or that
 if it's an input-only window, the border-width must be zero.

I haven't done any mucking about with the visual type; should I look
into that?

I haven't had a chance yet to investigate this bug on different
machines; at the moment, I'm using an X terminal attached to an SGI.
I'm using gtk 1.2.8, and I'm not running gnome.


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