Re: ref: Xinput and gxid

On Thu, 1 Feb 2001, Wang, Paul wrote:

Hi, everyone,

I am a starter of GTK, but what I am going to do is not simple.
I am going to use the Xinput  of the XFree86. 

If you tell us what you want to do instead of how - it is
mutch easyer to give advice.

I do not know if the GTK & GDK ( what version? need patches?) support that?
What is GXID?  Where can I find information about how to use it. 
What kinds of events (Widgets) are defined for Xinputs?

You can do a lot with

gdk_input_add( fd, GDK_INPUT_READ, 
               GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC(file_function), &cmdinfo );

where fd could be a file descriptor of, almost, any kind.

I'll be grateful for any of the help.


Paul Wang. 

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