How do you select an item in a gtk_option_menu?

I have a gtk_option_menu with some items in it and now i want
my program to select the default item which i get from gnome_config..  
But i cant seem to find out how to select an item in the option_menu :(

I tried:

But thats not what i need.
If i use that function then the option_menu dont change the item that is
it only makes it so that if i klick on the option_menu then that item is
"selected" there..     if you know what i mean..
My english is not so good so find it hard to explain :(

All i want is a function that can change the item in the option_menu
that is 
displayd to the user. Is there any function that does that?

Im not subscribed to this list anymore since there is to much trafic
here so 
if some one could answere to me private i would be very happy!!!

/Kent Nyberg.

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