Re: GDK_Left problem

Kilobug <le-mig_g epita fr> writes:

I've a problem adding an accelerator to the left arrow key. I've tried with
GDK_Left, GDK_KP_Left and GDK_leftarrow as keysym, but none of those works.
If I put something else (like GDK_Return) in the gtk_widget_add_accelerator
function, it works (when I press Return the callbakc is called) but I can't
make the left arrow to work.

For information I've GTK-1.2.10 from Debian package.

The focus widget will get a shot at the key press first, and it won't
be used as an accelerator if e.g. a GtkEntry is focused. Maybe that
explains it?

How are you adding the accelerator?


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