Re: ctree and clist widget with row with multiple line.


Jonathan, sorry for the late responds.

...the below URL doesn't quite work.

In fact, SAP web site isn't clear, next image is better.

Well, now I'm really confused.  That image was not illuminating.  Why
isn't this just simply a cell with "Name\nDescription" in it?

When you use the '\n', the 2° field is not included in the GTK object.

The programmer can't directly add node, update node, ... .
The user can't change the tree's geometry (column, ...).

I would strongly suggest that you try using the GtkTreeView in a test
program now, and see if it meets your needs and mail gtk-devel-list
with observations ASAP. If you wait a month or two, it will be too
late to get any changes into GTK 2.



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