Re: Keyboard accelators & user signals

Kilobug <le-mig_g epita fr> writes:
I'm trying to add a keyboard accelerator to a signal I've created and I get
the following error message:
Gtk-WARNING **: gtk_accel_group_add(): signal "left_arrow" in the `GtkDrawingArea' class ancestrycannot be 
used as accelerator signal

The code is:
  gtk_object_class_user_signal_new(gtk_type_class (GTK_TYPE_WIDGET),
                                 GTK_RUN_LAST | GTK_RUN_ACTION,
                                 GTK_TYPE_NONE, 1,

The problem is that the user signal has arguments; there's nowhere to
get the argument when the user presses the accel key.

Warning message kind of sucks, not very helpful was it.


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