don't want GtkScale to notify right mouse click

Hi all!

I've got a GtkScale packed into an event-box (together with other widgets)
and want to display a popup menu, when the user clicks onto the event-box with
the right mouse button. My signal connection code works fine,

gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (event_box), "button_press_event",
        GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (show_popup), NULL);

but after executing the show_popup function, the signal queue goes on to
update the GtkScale (pressing the right button on a GtkScale causing it to
change is strange anyway).

I already tried to figure out the signal id from GtkScale to the "event", or
"button_press_event" event with gtk_signal_lookup and than blocking this id.
But calling gtk_signal_handler_block ends up in gtk-warnings.
Maybe I'm using the wrong GtkType in gtk_signal_lookup ...

I'd be happy for any help,


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