Re: how to cleanup the resource of Gtk

teekay <tony kwok 3web net> writes:

At 09:33 18-04-01 -0400, you wrote:

GTK+ doesn't really clean up all that well after itself.  If this is a
serious problem, you might want to consider doing all your GTK+ stuff in
a separate process and let the operating system clean up for you.

This is very helpful. If you can spare a minute, could you please 
indicate (if this is possible) which types of GTK manipulations are 
particularly "entropic"?  I would hope that a main process with
only a modicum of graphical stuff (kind of graphical "console" 
main window),  might be tolerable. Do I correctly assume that 
a gtk_init()'s in multiple processes control process-specific 
resource collections, and that there is no cross-pollution? 

GTK+ doesn't shut down it's X connection, or free any class data at any
point.  In general, it isn't designed to go from a 'console' application
to a graphical application and then back to a console application.  Of
course running gtk_init in separate processes do not interfere with each
other.  What are you trying to do?

Do I also correctly assume that this is not the case with tasks? 
- i.e. issuing gtk-init() per-task and terminating the task would 
NOT be a solution?

What do you mean by tasks?  I'm a little confused as to what type of
program you're trying to write here.


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