Re: Need XOR drawing help

Steven I Usdansky wrote:

I'm looking to draw a small (7x7) plus sign on the screen in XOR mode
at a specific point.  The plus sign will be erased and redrawn at
different positions several times.  Looking over the Gdk API
documentation, I believe it's possible, but I have no idea how to go
about doing it.  Can anyone point me to a code snippet that might
help?  Thanks.


        GdkColor color; = gushort(m_EditorSelectorColor[0] * 0xffff); = gushort(m_EditorSelectorColor[1] * 0xffff); = gushort(m_EditorSelectorColor[2] * 0xffff);
        gdk_color_alloc(gdk_colormap_get_system(), &color);

        // Create an XOR gc for drawing ...
        GdkGC* gc = gdk_gc_new(Widget->window);
        gdk_gc_set_foreground(gc, &color);
        gdk_gc_set_function(gc, GDK_XOR);

Timothy M. Shead
tshead k-3d com

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