Re: Gcc-mingw and Win32

"Paulo" == Paulo J Matos aka PDestroy <pdestroy netcabo pt> writes:

Hi all,
I'm trying to do my first GTK program. The first in the tutorial that creates a 200x200 window but some 
errors appear...
The system is: Windows 2000 Pro and compiler is gcc 2.95.2 !
Till now I've done the following:
I got the win32 file for development and I inserted the headers in :

For some I just moved the source dir to include dir... folders like gtk, gthread, gobject, gmodule, gdk...
All *.dll were sent to a folder in the path.
All *.lib, *.a were sent to C:\gcc-2.95.2\i386-mingw32\lib

And now after going to prompt and doing:
gcc -mno-cygwin -mpentium -fnative-struct test.c -o test.exe

Note that this is not related to GTK+ but I understand you might not
knew it. Try this instead:

gcc -mno-cygwin -mpentium -fnative-struct test.c -o test.exe -lgtk-1.3
-lgdk-1.3 -lglib-1.3

It is a matter of telling gcc to actually link your program to the
GTK+ libraries.


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