Another CTree Problem

 I figured out why the progress bar was updating strangely.  I needed
to freeze and thaw it to keep it from bogging down the progress bar.
Now the CTree is giving me fits.  I am adding nodes three levels deep
and when the third level is allocated it refuses to give me a valid
It keeps returning NULL.  Now if I create the same node referencing NULL

as the parent it works fine.  Can I not go more than two levels deep?  I

can not find any function that limits levels of the CTree.  I have also
CTrees before that were serveral levels deep.

this is how I doing it roughly, ignore syntax:
level 1
mainnode = gtk_ctree_add: parent = null, not a leaf
level 2
lastnode = subnode = gtk_ctree_add: parent = mainnode, is a leaf
level 3
lastnode = gtk_ctree_add: parent = subnode, is a leaf

the last call returns a NULL pointer, all the pointers are declared as
gtkctreenode pointers

Now I am also adding pointers with the gtk_node_set_row_data function
after each iteration in the loop.
I have traced my logic through the function, but it will not let me step
into the gtk functions.  How can I
set it up to allow this?


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