Re: blinking clists/ctrees

On Thu, Apr 12, 2001 at 08:48:34PM -0700 learfox furry ao net wrote:

In my application there is a notebook. It has got serveral pages with clists
and ctrees.
Now i added a new page with some drawingareas in it. Every second i draw
something into the areas no matter whether this notebook page is visible.

SInce i added the new page all my clists and ctrees in the other notebook
pages began to blink every second (i suppose it is a new expose event ).
Why does this appear? and how do i avoid this?
Should i only draw into a drawingarea if it is visible?

I think gtk_clist_freeze() should work, call this just before you enter
your `clist item adding loop'.

When you are done, call gtk_clist_thaw().

Someone mentioned a crash bug when you try this with the GtkCTree(), I
remember one time encountering it but it apparently went away...

I think you missed the point. I dont do _any_ changes to a clist or a ctree.
All i do is updating some stuff in the drawingareas, that are in another
than the current notebookpage.

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