Glade X Pixmaps

Helllo all,

There is something that is happenig with my version of Glade (0.5.11
obtained from the sources) that I think it is very strange.
When I place a pixmap, the widget pixmap, I choose a diretory, usually
pixmaps inside my application dir (i,e. project1).
But I compile the code with make, make install and when I try to execute it
shows mw the following..

**WARNING**` Could´t find pixmap file` project1/file.xpm

It tries to find the pixmap in a diretory that don´t exists and I have
never configured anywhere in the Glade environment or sources codes.

Glade automatically put the ´project1/file.xpm´  in the interface.c file in
order to create the pixmap.

Question ..
How can I change this? Because I can´t say the place of my pixmaps and a
entire program is not working due to it.
If I edit the source of interface.c Glade overrides it the nest time I save
inside Glade.

Thank you very much for your help.

Daniel Petrini
Genius Instituto de Tecnologia
Manaus - AM
Tel. +55 92 614 6570
Cel. +55 92 9123 8532

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