Is there any way, api call, to make sure queued/pending redraws are completed

I am looking for the equivalent of the Win32 UpdateWindow API call. Since
GTK delays repaint operations I would like to be able to guarantee that all
updates are done before using a call like gdk_window_copy_area. This really
only concerns my GtkDrawingArea but I do not know if GTK/X thinks of
"paint/expose" operations as very low priority like Windows does.

A typical example from Windows would be a user clicks a covered window,
bringing it to foreground by clicking the scroll down "down arrow" on a
scroll bar. In Windows you get the scroll message before the paint since
paint operations are low priority.  My code "scrolls" by copying the window,
scrolling, and repainting the "fresh" area. So I use the Win32 UpdateWindow
API call to "flush" any pending repaint operations before I do a screen

All my code goes through my own home grown "API" and my API has an update
window call. I am trying to find a way to implement this defined
functionality in GTK.

Best Regards,
Norman Black
Stony Brook Software

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