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On Mon, 30 Oct 2000, Jose Eusebio Roza Pando wrote:
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Hi folks,

What must i do (main ideas) for using languages
not based on latin alphabet (like greek or russian),
in my gtk app?
I think i must use gettext but i do not knot
what it is.

What seems to be a problem? I believe you just have to use a proper
font in
your app, although there might be exceptions I don't know about...

I would like to make the program in a language, but if the

user has other language, my app must change to the appropiate language .

Anyway it is not important, It is only an idea to insert in a TODO file.



if the language is left to right, there is no problem. for others you have
to wait for gtk 2.0 wich includes pango, that is able to display all

if you are intrested, in internationalizate your program, you shall take a
look in the info:gettext

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