Resizing drawing area


I'm writing an app that has a drawing area - previously, I added the drawing area                             
to my main app and resizing it by connecting the configure_event and expose_event        
signals worked.                                                                                               
However, I changed it and now have a fixed container with the drawing area put inside 
it. But how can I resize the drawing area when the fixed container is resized?                                
I tried connecting the size_allocate signal to the fixed container - that calls a 
function fixed_container_resized when the fixed area is resized. In the 
fixed_container_resized function I called                            

but this doesn't seem to work. Any ideas why?                                                                 

Cyrus Patel - cyrus linuxfan com
Dept. of Computer Engineering                           Debian GNU/Linux 
University of New South Wales                           (Woody)
Sydney, Australia.                                      ICQ: 50738541   Mobile: 0402 266 731  cyrusmobile linuxfreak com

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