Confused Signals?

I have code that works perfectly on Linux/x86 and other Operating
systems, with x86 processors.  We've ported it to Solaris/sparc 2.5.1,
but we're now getting consistent and reproducable segfaults.  We have
the function prototype of:

function (GtkWidget *placeholder, GtkTree *tree, char *text, int type);

and in this function, a GTK_ENTRY is connected to the same function with
the "activate" signal.

gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT (text_entry), "activate",
                            GTK_SIGNAL_FUNC (function), (gpointer)tree);

When I press enter in text_entry, to activate the signal, and this
function is called,
char *text is now "0x1" and not NULL.  I can't test if text is null or
not, because it has a value, but the value is consistently 0x1.

Is there a way I can have it always make it pass NULL for text when this
signal function is called?

Has anyone heard of this before?

And does anyone know how well tested GTK+ is on Solaris 2.5.1?


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