Re: finding the position of a (just created) widget

    Julian> I don't want to know the *size* of the widget (I know that), I
    Julian> want to know its position.

Having struggled a bit with this recently, what ended up working for me was

     gint x, y;


     gdk_window_get_origin(w->window, &x, &y);

If that position is not quite what you expect, try
gdk_window_get_root_origin().  Other possibilities are using gtk_widget_get()
to get the "x" and "y" values, or as a last, and not recommended at all,
reaching directly into the widget with widget->allocation.x.

But for some reason, you need to show the widget before you can actually move
it with gtk_window_reposition() or gtk_widget_set_uposition().
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