[gthumb-list] Another patch (#2) to make 2.14.3 build on FreeBSD

I was unable to have the link step for gthumb 2.14.3 complete successfully
on FreeBSD, at least until I applied the following patch.

Really, I am surprised that _anybody_ was able to successfully link gthumb
2.14.3 on _any_ platform, because it seems rather evident to me that nowhere
in the gthumb/Makefile (or in the corresponding Makefile.in file or in the
corresponding Makefile.am file) was there ever any proper -l option to instruct
the linker to drag in various routines from /usr/local/lib/libgconf-2.a which
are clearly referenced in the gconf-utils.c source file (e.g. the function
`gconf_is_initialized', referenced on line 77 of gconf-utils.c, but also many
many other such references in that same file to routines defined within the
/usr/local/lib/libgconf-2.a library).

diff -rc2 ./gthumb/Makefile.am ./gthumb/Makefile.am
*** ./gthumb/Makefile.am        2011-11-03 13:36:36.000000000 -0700
--- ./gthumb/Makefile.am        2012-04-24 21:50:33.000000000 -0700
*** 274,277 ****
--- 274,278 ----
        $(LIBSOUP_LIBS)                                 \
        $(LIBCHAMPLAIN_LIBS)                            \
+       -lgconf-2                                       \

After appling the above patch, a whole huge slew of link-time error messages
went away, and the build process was then able to progress further.

How did 2.14.3 ever build for _anybody_, ever, without any explicit -lgconf-2
option anywhere in any of the relevant Makefiles??

It is very puzzling.

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