Re: [gthumb-list] gthumb 2.10.12 released

Hi all,
There seem to be lots of Ubuntu bug reports saying that the 2.10.x importer
freezes if there are any movies on the camera.
I had a look into this bug (and thought about fixing it in the ubuntu
package because I assumed there would be no more 2.10.x releases
The issue seems to be the following:
In dlg-photo-importer.c, in ok_clicked_cb (line 1622) it enters the
"if (error)" statement and returns without importing anything. (BTW:
The importer does not really freeze -- cancel does still work -- the
progress bar just looks weird). I think this is because if during the
loading of thumbnails any error occurs (such as not being able to
generate a thumbnail for movies), the error flag is set and it does
not seem to be cleared afterwards. Setting data->error = FALSE in the
task_terminated function does the trick for me -- but I'm lacking the
overview to say whether this is really the right place.


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