Re: GTetrinet proper UTF-8 support patch

El vie, 18-03-2005 a las 17:59 +0100, Jordi Mallach escribió:
> Hi Vidar,
> On Fri, Mar 18, 2005 at 05:41:12PM +0100, Vidar Holen wrote:
> > I've made a patch to support UTF-8 in gtetrinet (latest cvs). Previously it 
> > would refuse to send and display foreign characters unless LC_CTYPE was set 
> > to iso8859-15 (they'd just disappear). I fixed it up to use UTF-8 internally 
> > and over the network, so now it works properly with runic, thai and most 
> > importantly, scandinavian characters. A few of the locale related FIXMEs were 
> > fixed in the process.
> This is great, a very much needed patch. :)

Indeed !

> > Not quite knowing where to go with it, I attached it to this mail. Please 
> > redirect me if I missed :)
> We have a mailing list, Cc:'d now, where people tend to send comments.

We also have a bugzilla at :)

> > I tested it slightly, with the same and older versions, and it seems to work 
> > for nicks, teams, party line, in-game chat, nick list and attacks and 
> > defenses, as well as between clients with different locales. If you find 
> > anything broken and don't bother fixing it, let me know.
> Thank you!

While testing it I've found a small bug which was disabling the user to
switch servers. I've already fixed it, and committed the whole patch :D

> > Hope you'll accept it,
> > Vidar Holen
> Hopefully! Dani, what do you think?

It rocks !! As I said before, I've already committed it. This is the
right way to implement UTF-8, not that crap of code I wrote some time
ago :)

Feel free to send more patches, GTetrinet development is quite slow due
to my lack of time :(. There are a lot of cool things waiting to be done
(and also a few bugs) so if you want to help and don't know how, just
ask me :D

#include <gnome.h>

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