Re: Grilo Releases

Am Donnerstag, den 04.10.2012, 23:54 +0200 schrieb Juan A. Suarez

> * Branch 0.2.x dissapears
> * Master will contain 0.2.x code
> * During the life of 0.2, we are allowed to add new API (providing that
> we don't break the ABI), but not changing or removing API.
> * In the same moment we need to break it, we will branch master to 0.2.x
> (so we can still do fixes in that API version), and convert master in
> the next series (0.3.x in this case).
> I hope this simplification makes our life easier.

Juan, thank you very much! You just saved me countless hours in
maintaining customized 0.2.x packages that enable the TMDb plugin.

Thank you,

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