Re: [PATCH] metadata-keys: add metadata keys from camera pictures

On Thu, 2011-03-17 at 10:13 +0000, Lionel Landwerlin wrote:
> There are a lot different date from Tracker. Like :
>  * filesystem creation date
>  * filesystem last modification date
>  * tracker database insertion date
>  * dates from metadata (either ID3 tag, EXIF data or more recently the
> date from filename demangling)
> By creation date, I would like to match data from the file's
> description
> (EXIF/ID3/filename demang/etc...), whereas the date is more related to
> the day you got the file (filesystem).

Well, it's true there are lot of dates to consider. But the point is
that I think we should think from an image pov, not from tracker's pov.

If you present the user with an image and a date, what do you expect the
date is? I would say the creation date, because I seems for me the most
important one. Meaning creation date the date it was taken.

I'm not sure if user is interested at all when the image was inserted in
the source (i.e, in tracker or flickr), but if it is really needed,
well, i think we should add a key for it.

Is it important the filesystem creation date? To be honest, I don't
think so. User wants grilo to handle content in a high level, and the
filesystem creation date seems for me a very low level information,
mostly just a fact of filesystem that other sources probably  won't

So summing up: what kind of image's dates (or any other media content)
are interested for an user (no matter the source the media comes)? I'd
say creation date, and I also think it is the most important one. If
there are other dates interesting for users (maybe I'd consider the
insertion date) then maybe we can add new keys.

Of course, maybe the problem is that actually DATE shouldn't exist, and
we should have instead CREATION_DATE, INSERTION_DATE,


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