ANNOUNCE: grilo-plugins 0.1.7 released

A new release of grilo's plugins, 0.1.7, has been released.

What is it?
Grilo is a framework that provides access to various sources of
multimedia content, using a pluggable system.

Where can I find out more?

What is new in 0.1.7?
  * General
    * General fixes, including fixes for:
      * GB#627864 - log: Revamp the log system
      * GB#628506 - rename the GRL_ERROR quark to GRL_CORE_ERROR
    * Install plugins as loadable modules, not libraries
    * Use GrlNet
    * Adapt code to changes in GrlPluginRegistry functions

  * Apple trailers plugin
    * General fixes, including fix for:
      * GB#630538 - Apple trailers can provide a higher-resolution thumbnail

  * Filesystem plugin
    * Implemented media_from_uri() and test_media_from_uri()

  * Flickr plugin
    * General fixes

  * Podcasts plugin
    * General fixes

  * Shoutcast plugin
    * General fixes

  * UPnP plugin
    * Aded plugin deinit function

  * Vimeo plugin
    * GB#630494 - The Vimeo plugin accesses freed memory during searches

  * Youtube plugin
    * General fixes, including fix for:
      * GB#635394 - Add ability to get video URL from page URL, or <embed> URL
    * Handle libgdata 0.7 and 0.8 api

Who contributed to it?
  * Chris Lord <chris linux intel com>
  * Damien Lespiau <damien lespiau intel com>
  * Guillaume Emont <gemont igalia com>
  * Iago Toral Quiroga <itoral igalia com>
  * Juan A. Suarez Romero <jasuarez igalia com>
  * Ross Burton <ross linux intel com>
  * Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <vjaquez igalia com>

Where can I get it?

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