Re: [PATCH 01/15] core: Added some helper functions to handle GValues

Excerpts from Simon Pena's message of Wed Dec 07 19:41:46 +0100 2011:
> I got the following warnings when compiling with the set of patches.
> > grl-value-helper.h:34: Warning: Grl: Can't find matching type for constructor; symbol='grl_g_value_new'
> > grl-value-helper.h:38: Warning: Grl: grl_g_value_hashtable_new: return value: Missing (transfer) annotation
> If we don't want to provide introspection for those, we should add the
> skip keyword, right?

The reason why I did not add it is because adding the (skip)'s doesn't remove
these warnings. Nevertheless, I have added them because we indeed don't want
these functions in the bindings, at least for now.

I have also added a transfer annotation to grl_g_value_hashtable_new() (as well
as the skip), as it was the only way to get rid of the second warning. I could
not find a way to get rid of the first one.

I think I now have gone through all your comments. I have pushed my corrections
as fixups on my gitorious 'caps_and_options' branch for you to check. If you
are OK with it, and once the plugins part is ready as well, I plan to push that
on top of master after having done a rebase -i --autosquash (and if master
changes, are base on top of master, obviously).


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